Technologically Impaired

9 Mar

I hate technology. I absolutely hate it.  Wednesday I woke up to the black screen of death on my iPhone. After 20 minutes of charging, a message popped up saying, “activation required.” Basically, in real people language this means, “you’re screwed.” After hours of panic and searching every possible way to fix my phone, I realized that it was too far-gone. I took the broken phone to RadioShack to trade it in for a new phone and to my surprise, they offered to buy my old phone for $200, making my brand new iPhone 4S only $7.50. I was thrilled to have this pretty new phone for such a cheap price!

It wasn’t until later that I began experiencing the repercussion of the broken phone. I thought I had recently backed up my phone, but turns out I hadn’t since February 15, 2011. Therefore, I lost everything relevant on my phone.  Text messages, pictures, music, ect. Out of everything, I think I am most upset about losing my text messages. I had messages that date back to September 2009 and now they are gone. I had funny texts from my mom, nice texts from my boyfriend, picture messages from my friends and so on and so on. I have trouble letting go of memorabilia so I am in angst about this.

I blame this all on technology. Although technology is great in some aspects, I miss the simplicity of not having a cell phone or a computer.

Well lesson learned the hard way, ALWAYS back up your phone.


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