How many times can you call?

6 Mar

Here is a little story about how I caught a case of the crazies last week.

My boyfriend, Tyler, plays baseball at Hutchinson CC in Kansas. Last weekend was the Hutchinson Blue Dragons first home baseball series, so afterwards he and a few of his friends went to celebrate at a Mexican restaurant. We were texting until about 7:30 Sunday evening when he said he would call me after he was done.  By 11 I hadn’t heard from him so I texted “what are you doing?” and still, no reply.  Two hours later I began to get a little frustrated, so I decided to call rather than text. No answer.  Then I was annoyed. I went to bed thinking he would call once he got home from wherever he was, but once again, no call.

I went to class at 10:30 and still had not heard from him. After class I called again, no answer.  He knows I hate when he doesn’t answer his phone, so by 12 I am livid. I had called 4 times and sent one text at this point, but I decided to call again. No answer. They had a baseball game that day at two so I figured he was still sleeping, but when 1:30 rolled around and still no call I was beginning to worry a little. He would never ignore my calls or texts, and he always calls or texts me back, so this was starting to get weird.

It had been 16 hours since I heard from him so I decided to text his roommate to make sure he was ok. His roommate said that they drank the night before and he was still asleep when they left for the game. My immediate reaction was anger beyond belief but when I realized he was supposed to go to the game I began to worry, a lot. Now I was thinking the worst case scenarios, so I called him 5 more times in a 30 minute span. By this point I was convinced he had choked on his own vomit and died. By 4:30 I was in complete angst, so I called his mom. She hadn’t heard from him either and was beginning to worry too.  Since all of his roommates went to their baseball game, no one was there to check on him.  At 5:00, after about 6 more calls, I was contemplating driving up there.  As I was getting my keys, my phone rings and it was Tyler. After apologizing a million times he told me he had lost his phone early the night before and had no way of calling me. At first I was just so happy to know he was alive but then I was furious at him for making me worry like that.

So question is, how many times can you call before you’re crazy? In this case I thought he was dead. That’s a legitimate reason to call upwards of 15 times in 24 hours, right?  In any other circumstance that would be considered absolutely crazy. I always give myself a 3 call maximum in a 12 hour period. That rule applies to friends, family, or boyfriends/girlfriends.

So moral of the story: next time you pick up the phone to call, just wait, chances are that person isn’t dead and they will call you when they want to talk to you.


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