Creeper status

1 Mar

My best friend has been dating a  great guy for years now. They broke up for a few months, but recently got back together. Last weekend, she went to see him and had the perfect weekend with him, everything was back to normal. As she was raving to me about her wonderful weekend, and how happy she was with him, she mentioned something about knowing his Facebook password. She said she trusts him completely, but was curious if he talked to any girls while they were broken up. We all told her not to look at his Facebook for many reasons…

  1. What you don’t know, won’t hurt you (perfect saying for this situation)
  2. It’s an invasion of privacy
  3. She might see something she doesn’t want to see and..
  4. IT’S CRAZY.

Well did she take our advice? No. She creeped through his messages and needless to say, she did not like what she saw. While they were broken up he had been sending flirty messages to other girls, and not saying the greatest things about her to his friends. She immediately called him, without thinking, and began to question him. Well, he of course asked “who told you this?” and she was at a loss for words. She couldn’t tell him she had gone through his messages because she just knew he would think she was a psycho and end it right then. So after stammering, and shoving her foot in her mouth for a minute, she finally made up a very believable story as to who she heard it from. He believed her, but was angry at her for the way she handled the situation. This ultimately led them to a huge fight. She came to us and asked what she should do, fearing she had ruined everything. We discussed the issue and came up with two options.

Option one: Confront him about the messages again, call him out for lying, and tell him her feelings were really hurt.  The only downfall is that she would have to admit that she read his messages, and confess to lying as well. Although she would apologize, she would be at risk of hurting their relationship and being deemed as the dreaded “crazy girl.”

Option two: Just let the situation go. We asked her if it would be truly worth starting a fight over since it happened two months ago? Especially after they had been getting along so well.  They were broken up at the time, and she had been talking to her friends about him too, but question is, would she be able to let it go? After debating for a few hours, option two was decided upon. She realized he did not mean the things that he said, and decided to put it behind her.   They eventually worked everything out, and  are perfect once again!

Moral of the story: Don’t creep through your boyfriends, or anyone’s, personal conversations, don’t borrow trouble, and most importantly, think before you react!


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