The ex factor

7 Sep

My good friend and her now ex-boyfriend of two years recently went through a nasty break up. They have continued to degrade one another and lash out at the other in spiteful rage for months now, just like your typical middle school break up…except they are 20. Needless to say, seeing one another could be lethal. So of course what happens? She sees him at the mall. Shortly after the sighting, I got a frantic text that read exactly this, “OH MY GOD HE IS  N THE MOVIE I  AM IN….I have to pee so bad but I don’t want to go because he will think I am walking in front of him on purpose…HELP!!!!”  My reponse: “First off, calm down. Second, pull your shirt down, walk right in front of him, and strut your stuff. Show him what he is missing out on!!” Well…she didn’t take that advice. Instead she clung to her chair in fear that he might look in her direction.


We have all had that awkward run in with the ex but question is, what is the right thing to do that situation? After she refused to take my first advice I resorted to the avoidance plan. That method is: no make eye contact, duck and cover, pretend you are in a very intriguing text conversation, and then sprint in the other direction. This typically works for anyone you don’t want to see. In any other circumstance, my advice would be to suck it up, be mature and say hi.  That is unless you don’t have make-up on, or haven’t washed your hair in a few days…then its ok to avoid.


Moral of the story: be mature and say hi, you never know what could come from it, but chances are they don’t want to see you anymore than you want to see them!


One Response to “The ex factor”

  1. senatorallen September 20, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

    The only problem with giving advice is knowing that someone will refuse to take it, even though it’s CLEARLY the right thing to do. I like your first response, although I am curious why they hate on each other so much. What the heck happened? Most people I know who break up after that long are heartbroken and respectful …

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